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Datenbank: Komponisten
Autorenname: SWIGGERS, ERIC
Geburtsjahr: 1968
Zusatzinformation: Eric Swiggers was born in Deurne, the Netherlands, in 1968. After Grammar-school he continued his musical education at the Conservatory in Tilburg where he graduated in three Master Degrees i.e. Keyboards, Windband Conductor with Jan Cober and Composition with Kees Schoonenbeek. Besides this he studied various instrumental subsidiary subjects as saxophone with Jean Pennings and Hans de Jong. During this period he made some concert tours e.g. to Greece and Hungary where he performed on the Conservatory of Szged. On his Master Degree Windband Conductor he graduated with the cooperation of the military band "Johan Willem Friso" in Assen where he performed his arrangement of Gustav Holst's "Ballet from The Perfect Fool". He has numerous compositions and arrangements in widely different genres to his name. He composed for windband, choir, string quartet, carillon, saxophone ensemble, symphonic orchestra and other instrumental combinations. As a conductor he worked with several well known windbands like the 'Koninklijke Windband Deurne' and Melomaan Zomerorkest Nederland; at this time he is chief conductor with concertband Koninklijke Harmonie l'Union Bladel and St. Servaes Dinther.
Bilddatei: Komponist/Composer
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